Empowering the Child

Empowering the Child: Nurturing the Hungry Mind

“Empowering the Child … is truly one of the most inspirational, hopeful, convincing, and insightful books on what needs to happen in education that I have read.”

Barbara L. McCombs, Senior Director, Mid-continent Regional Educational Library

About this book

Faced with the challenge of looking at educational reform from a new perspective, Dr. Hartjen turned to exploring dimensions other than educational research for insights into a larger picture of the possibilities that could exist for educating our next generation of children as they emerge into the twenty-first century. He found exciting insights in unexpected sources, such as the psychologist Rollo May, the anthropologist Richard Leakey, and the humanist Erich Fromm. At the cutting edge of modern scientific thought, he found a new organizing principle for what might be considered a philosophy of education for the twenty-first century in M. Mitchell Waldrop’s Complexity.


Emergence defined


… is the act of labeling, bringing into conscience, the unexpected growth-spurt, the leap ahead, of a child’s behavior that exceeds normal expectations. By labeling this unexpected behavior ’emergence’, we begin to recognize the need for setting parameters that foster freedom for exploring self-directed behavior and encouraging the natural inquiry skills of children.

This is a core element of a new philosophy of education.                        To read more click here